In Plain Sight

What a wild experience! In March of 2010 the Inn at Rio Rancho had the privilege to host the staff and crew from USA Network's "In Plain Sight" TV series! It was an incredible couple of days and an unforgettable experience. For the staff here at the Inn it was a rare opportunity to see the filming process first hand, to experience the fabled "Magic of Hollywood" right in our own hotel, and to meet with some first class professionals as they practiced their trade. On the first day of shooting it was as though our front lobby had been transformed into a frenetic hive of cables, cameras, lights and, of course, tons of people. It was amazing to see how many people are actually required to film a show like "In Plain Sight," it was much more than I had anticipated when we first told that they would be using our property. But there they were, several dozen ominous looking suits, harried script writers, meticulous costume designers and actors all zipping about the lobby on various errands and tasks. It was impressive to see how they managed to keep things organized among so many different people, with special respect to the director and producers for their hard work in that regard. Over the next few days they filmed in the Toro Bar and Grill, our on-site restaurant specializing in tequila, the kitchen, and the presidential suite and never once, in the time that I spent with the crew, did I ever see their enthusiasm flag or their excitement waiver. Indeed, they seemed to be as excited about the show as we were, maybe more. It could just be me, but seeing people that dedicated to and inspired by their job engenders a contagious sense of avidity and I was bragging about the experience for days. When the episode finally aired on USA Network on May 12th it was so surreal to see so many familiar sights in such an alien environment, that is, on my TV screen with dynamic characters inhabiting the spaces I see every day. The best scene, for me, was in the kitchen of the Toro Bar, because I remember so clearly the repetitious call for silence, the declaration that "we're rolling" and the "Eaagh!" as one character was attacked. Again. And again. And again. To finally see the finished scene was quite a treat. To all the crew of In Plain Sight, thanks for making my day, heck my month, by coming here and inviting us to watch the magic happen. To the fans of the show, come on down and see the actual locales where the scenes were filmed, maybe spend the night in the Presidential Suite and enjoy the amenities of one of our best rooms, now famous thanks to USA!

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